Discover the #1 Marketing System for Real estate professionals

50+ qualified LEADS A MONTH OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEED. We'll even pay you $1000.

Branding, LEADs, CRM

Utilizing a tailored approach, we bring your story to life by building a unique strategy, narrative, and comprehensive digital marketing plan.

We create hyper-targeted real estate marketing funnels to attract the right person and implement a follow up system with a dedicated ISA team.

50+ Leads a Month
or your money back

CYG Media will find qualified leads so you get to save time and close more deals. Build a brand that sets you apart from the competence in your area or niche.


With data capabilities of a media agency coupled with the cultural analysis of a creative-driven research firm, we bring business owners closer to their clients.

Funnel marketing

Built for the current market, we don't stop at generating leads, we take it one step further and use automation to convert leads into bookings - automatically.


Implementing the most effective IoT marketing solutions, including voice platforms, automation software, connected retail, and distribution platforms.

content production

After developing a custom marketing strategy for your business, we help create content at scale that resonates with your ideal client.

Innovative CRM Optimized for Real Estate Professionals

organic growth

systems and processes

offline marketing

online marketing


Generate high-quality leads, build your brand, and grow your business online.

Today’s client journey starts online, and the right marketing strategy sets the tone for everything that follows. Don’t sell yourself short. Assert your expertise with a compelling visual story that says it all in a single instant. 

scale your Business

Our mission is to increase quality targeted leads. CYG Media will streamline your marketing and public relations into a smooth and effective process. Our experience throughout the years has given us a keen understanding of what areas to focus on for immediate and effective returns.

Your business. Our Passion